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Best military supplier in China
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Uniforms: officer’s uniforms, overcoat etc.
Combat equipments: combat uniforms, combat vest, combat fabric, blanket, pullover, bullet-proof vest, raincoat, cap, helmet, shoes,, kit bag, water canteen, cooking utensils, tent, sleeping bag, mosquito net, entrenching tools, camouflage net, barbed wire entanglement etc.
Weapon accessories: pistol cover, ammunition pouch, ammunition machinery.
Accessories: badge, Insigne, ribbon, necktie, tiepin, underwear, socks, gloves etc.

We are regularly Selling: badgeinsignlaribbonglovescaphelmetshoes, necktietiepinsocksbeltwater canteentent, uniformovercoatraincoat, combat uniformscooking utensilscamp bedsleeping bagmosqutto net, combat vestkit bag, combat underwear, combat fabriccamouflage netbarbed wire entanglement, pulloverbullet-proff vest, police equipmentpistol coverammunition pouch.

We are regularly Buying: badgenisignlaribbonnecktietiepinofficers uniforms coats, combat uniformsvestunderwearfabricpulloverraincotsocksgloves, bullet-proof vestcapshoeshelemtpolice equipmentleather cover, pouchkit bagwater beltwater canteencooking utensils, camping bedtentsleeping bagmosqutto net, blanketentrenching tools, camouflage net, barbed wire entanglement.

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Textiles - Coated & Laminated Textiles

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Combat equipments
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