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Combat equipments

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Place of Origin: China
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Classification: Miscellaneous - Others
Product Descpription:

Company Introduction:
FORESTAR (Tianjin) Company-- located in Tianjin which is the biggest port city in northern China, is a military supplies import and export company authorized by People’s Republic of China, few company can be granted permit to do military supplies in China, FORESTAR is one of them.

Business Range:
The company is a diversified military supplier, business range from the import and export of military supplies and logistic equipments, textiles, garments, foodstuffs and light industry products. Military supplies include various garments, shoes, hats, military outfit and protection products etc. Our products have been exported to dozens of the countries and regions throughout the world and gained good reputation and trust form our clients,

1. The company have been granted permit to do military supplies; if you choice us, you will be not to pay permit which around 9% of total business sales.
2. Our sister military manufactories and the company are subsidiaries of one state owned group: the company focus on export and import military supplies, the manufactories focus on manufacturing military equipments, if you choice us, you will gain steady, direct selling way to reach your diverse requirements in the long term.

Our Goal:
Find you needs and wants! Save your money and time!

Sample Photos: yahoo. com/forester_tj

How to Contact Us:
Contact person
Mr. Ben Xu
General Manager
FORESTAR (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
Website: www. forestar. bloombiz. com
www. konnects. com/profile/forestar
Email: forestar_tj@yahoo. com. cn
Mobil Phone: 0086-13920410779
Set Phone:0086-22-89993366
Fax No.: 0086-22-83280011
Address: 1105 Section A, Yin Feng Tower, No.65 Youyi Road Tianjin, China

Products items:
Accessories: badge, Insigne, ribbon, necktie, tiepin, underwear, socks, gloves etc.
Uniforms: officer’s uniforms, overcoat etc.
Combat equipments: combat uniforms, combat vest, combat fabric, blanket, pullover, bullet-proof vest, raincoat, cap, helmet, shoes, pistol cover, ammunition pouch, kit bag, water canteen, cooking utensils, tent, sleeping bag, mosquito net, entrenching tools, camouflage net, barbed wire entanglement etc.

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